The Best Types of Small Dog Carriers for Fashionable Pet Parents

The Best Types of Small Dog Carriers for Fashionable Pet Parents

Having spent over 20 years designing women’s clothing and handbags, I’m looking for a designer pet carrier that is sophisticated, stylish, and functional. This article is geared to like-minded souls who are looking for the same. I’ll give you some tips and insights in hopes you’ll find the perfect small dog carrier for your loved one. This is for all fashionable pet parents who want their cosmopolitan canines to shine. 

Carriers for small dogs

Find the Perfect Small Dog Carrier for Your Maltese

One of my favorite dog breeds is Maltese. This may be because two of my friends have Maltese. With one I have the fortunate opportunity to co-parent, as we both travel a lot for business and pleasure. But Maltese are just too cute; they’re like living teddy bears! You can take them wherever you go because they’re loyal, obedient, and easy to take care of. And they love your affection so you want to bring them everywhere. 

You have to agree that whether you’re running errands, shopping, visiting friends, or traveling to destinations near and far, none of these outings would be as much fun and enjoyable without your adorable Maltese. Why should our furry friends stay home, when we absolutely enjoy their company? 

Finding a suitable carrier might be hard. You need something cozy and comfortable, but safe for your pooch too. Beyond everything, you need a carrier that reflects your fashion sense. Face it, most of the options available in your local pet store just won’t cut it. However, with a maltese dog carrier suggested below, you can bring your buddy along in both comfort and style. 

Fashionable Pet Carriers - Sophisticated but Functional 

When reviewing our various pet carriers, I’ve found a particular one that catches the eye. The Madison Carrier from A Pet with Paws fulfills all the important criteria you want to consider when choosing a fashionable pet carrier. It provides comfort, guarantees safety, and delivers a high-class style. One thing is certain, this small dog purse will grab people’s attention when you’re toting your precious Maltese around town.  

The Madison pet carrier is reminiscent of a luxury designer handbag but has the functionality of a sturdy pet carrier. Absolutely perfect for all the fashionista pet parents, right? 

Airline-Compliant Pet Carriers

Since many of you will be traveling by plane to visit friends and family, you should know that the Madison pet carrier is airline-compliant. This small dog carrier meets the requirements of most major airlines, so you can bring your furry friend on all your exciting adventures. 

Pet Carriers

These prerequisites state that the carrier must be the proper size for your pet. The dog must be able to stand and turn around in the carrier. A small dog carrier also needs enough mesh sections, such as the top, gussets, and/or sides to ensure proper ventilation. 

You’d also want to have an interior leash in your carrier to attach to your dog’s collar. Madison has this safety protection that inhibits your pet from jumping out of the carrier. The inside also has a removable sherpa fleece cushion that guarantees comfort and coziness. 

Don’t Carry - Roll Your Designer Pet Carrier

Carrying even a seven-pound Maltese on your shoulder can become quite uncomfortable. That’s why A Pet with Paws has developed the Pet-Trek, a four-spinner wheel folding trolley with telescoping handles that works with all pet carriers. 

The combination of the Madison pet carrier plus the Pet-Trek will take the weight off your shoulders (literally!) and allow you to transport your doggy with ease. The Pet-Trek® enables pet owners to wheel their pets throughout the airport, bus station, or down the street effortlessly. 

Traveling with a pet becomes so much easier when you attach your carrier to a Pet-Trek. Why walk, when you can roll! Once you arrive at your desired location, simply lift the pet carrier off the Pet-Trek handle and place it where you wish. Pet-Trek is foldable and you can put it anywhere, even in the small airplane overhead compartment. 

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this article has done most of the leg work for you. I’ve highlighted our best small dog carrier for fashionable pet parents, which your little Maltese will absolutely love. I highly encourage you to check out the rest of our collection, so you can find the perfect carrier for your life companion that fits your unique lifestyle.
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