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A Pet With Paws from Ann Greenberg on Vimeo.




Life is not just how you carry yourself — but how you carry the ones you love.

A Pet with Paws is an innovative collection of stylish, sustainable pet carriers and accessories. Our commitment to pet travel is essential to our holistic approach of creating responsible, sophisticated products. We combine chic contemporary styles with safety minded designs to create beautiful products that’s a living pawprint of our core values. People, Pooches and The Planet. That’s our cause.


Meet Ann: The little things make a big difference, A Pet with Paws founder Ann Greenberg can always be heard saying... “While others ask why, I say why not?”

As a veteran of the fashion industry, Ann was a designer of women’s clothing and handbags, which she loved. Her multi-million dollar designs appeared in magazines, catalogs and department stores nationwide.

After working in the ever-changing fashion industry for 20 years, and a pivotal visit to China, Ann realized she had greater aspirations and contributions to make.

She noticed that three things were happening with women’s priorities. Their heightened concerns about the environment; a demand for more fashionable & sustainable products, and an increased desire for spending on experiences and travel.

Wanting to expand her eco-friendly handbag business, The Underground Chic, Ann determined that the pet travel industry had some serious holes to fill when it came to sophisticated, sassy pet carriers for the chic urban on-the-go pet owner. Yet, few companies were offering these types of items, so Ann then launched A Pet with Paws to accommodate the void in the marketplace.