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Tips to keep pets safe during summer celebrations

Summer celebrations are fun and all for us humans. Upbeat music, beautiful fireworks, large reunions are perfect ways to start the season for many of us.

But for our pets? Not so much!

Our tail-wagging and purring friends are not the ideal party lovers. Loud music, scary fireworks, unfamiliar crowds; all create a sort of chaos for pets. Even veterinary experts have a huge NO for taking pets to summer parties. They suggest keeping pets indoors during summers and avoiding all sorts of celebrations.

If your pets go through this ‘chaotic phase’, you’re sure to see unusual changes in their behaviors. You can expect to see bad appetite, timidness, shredding, squeaking, or growling noises. Some dogs even avoid eye contact with their owners.

What can you do to protect them during such occasions?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve prepared a list of the best summer safety tips for pets tips to keep your pets safe during summer celebrations. By following these steps and taking necessary precautions, you and your pets can enjoy the summer days without any hassles.

So why wait?

Let’s head straight in!

1. Keep them away from the celebration

The best thing to keep your pets safe is by keeping them away from everything that might be harmful. If you’re playing loud music or have fireworks, it’s ideal to keep your pets away in another room.

Make sure the noise or flashy lights don’t get in this room. You can even invest in a good pair of pet ear-buds to prevent them from hearing loud noises.

Keep basic things like water, food, treats, toys readily available. Always visit them from time-to-time and make sure everything is going on as planned.

2. Don’t let new people meet your pets

Although most pets get along pretty well with new people; it’s safe to avoid contact with new people. Pets like dogs and cats may become nervous or even aggressive if someone new fears them out.

Ideally, allow your pets to meet with people they have already met before.

3. Watch what they eat

During the summer celebrations, there is a lot of junk and garbage everywhere. Curious pets might munch on anything that might look appetizing. Never let your pets eat anything from the junk. They might contain spoiled food, sharp things, or inedible substances.

Also, if they consume something new like a leftover slice of pizza or that half-eaten burger, it might cause problems in their digestion. They might get an upset tummy or worse develop some type of sickness.

4. Tidy up after the celebrations

After such celebrations are over, the first thing you need to do is clean every corner of the house that your pet might go to. All pets are curious and will rush to anything that seems new and interesting. Some pet owners have even reported their pets to get hurt by sharp decorations.

Have a proper decluttering session both indoors as well as outdoors. Don’t let your four-legged buddies feel overwhelmed by the new stuff around the house.

5. Try to train your pets for such occasions

If you’re someone who has parties every year during the summer season, it’s best to train your pet properly. Try to make them familiar with fireworks, teach them not to play with sharp or harmful decorations.

Rewarding them with treats and toys for good behavior encourages pets to stay well-behaved during such scenarios. This type of training also helps you calm them during unavoidable situations like loud thunderstorms, construction noises, etc.

6. Contact your vet during an emergency

No matter how well you prepare, sometimes things can get ugly. Some pets flee from their enclosures while others may even hurt themselves. So, it’s always a great idea to keep a first-aid kit on standby. 

Having said that, never forget that prevention is better than cure. Always aim to avoid accidents by making the right arrangements for your pets. If any accidents happen, head to your vet immediately.

Things to remember for owners with pets during summer celebrations

  • Never ignore the safety and anxiety levels of your pets. If you feel like they’re behaving unusually, they probably need your attention.
  • Even if your pet is well trained, keep an eye on the time and again.
  • If you have pets; the best thing might be to attend a party somewhere else rather than your own place. Hire a pet sitter or ask some close person to take care of them.
  • During summer the best hot weather tip for dogs is to make sure that contact with direct sunlight is avoided. Keep pets safe in the heat by keeping them hydrated, cool, and away from the heat.
  • It’s a great idea to follow-up with your vet before and after the celebration. A vet’s advice can come handy in case emergencies.


These were some summer pet safety tips to keep pets safe. Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities. You always need to think one step further to keep your ferry friends away from danger.

By taking proper precautions, tips to keep pets safe, you can enjoy all sorts of summer parties and celebrations and keep your pets happy and safe.

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