A Cat in a Bag

Cat Carriers - How to Choose the Perfect Carrier For Your Cat

Cat owners all agree that their feline companions are members of the family. As we experience the pandemic and being locked down, the relationship and bond between the two has become even stronger!

A cat in the bag

In addition, cat owners feel protective of their precious felines and want to make sure they feel safe and secure. With this sense of responsibility, it’s hard to find the perfect cat carrier. Especially when there’s such a variety of options available. But worry not! We’re here to help you find the best carrier for your cat. Let’s go through some things to consider when shopping for a pet carrier. 

Your Kitten Will Grow

You should adapt the carrier to your cat, not the other way around. You need a “user-friendly” carrier, something that suits your kitty perfectly. Make sure to check the measures and the size of the carrier so you can compare it to your cat. The cat should be able to stand, sit, and turn around in the carrier with ease. 

If you’re purchasing a carrier for a kitten, note that your little friend will grow. You need to anticipate the kitty’s adult size and not just buy the carrier that will become too small too soon. 

Visits to the Vet

Cat carriers are used for lots of different things, from travels to visits to the veterinarian. Keep in mind that you should choose the carrier that won’t cause your cat any kind of stress. So if you need a carrier for visits to the vet (that are stressful on their own!), make sure to pick the one that’s comfortable for your cat and convenient for you and the vet. For example, cat carriers that have a top opening can be very helpful for the vet to reach (and examine) your cat with ease. 

More than One Opening

You should choose a carrier with more openings, preferably three. Cats like their privacy but they also want to see what’s going on outside so they feel less threatened and scared. Aim for something comfortable, cozy, and dark but with enough openings.

Another alternative are carriers with privacy flaps at either end of the carrier which can be rolled back and held in place and expose mesh gussets or left down.

Easy to Clean 

Definitely pick the carrier that’s easy to clean. Find the ones with removable and washable cushions or the ones with accessible bottom space. Note that you could always place a nice absorbent towel on the bottom, which you could wash more often. 

Stylish and Chic

Although cat carriers should be comfortable, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be fashionable too! Remember, you’re choosing the carrier for both your cat and yourself. So find the one that reflects your sophisticated lifestyle! You can have the carrier that’s stylish like a handbag but so cozy for your pet too. Some even have pockets that provide more room for items you need as a pet parent. 

Getting Used to the Carrier

Bags for pets

Picking the carrier might be easier than getting your cat acclimated to it. However, there are some things you can do to help your feline companion adapt quicker. 

Start by encouraging your cat to explore the carrier by placing it in the living room (or the room where you and your cat spend the most time). The kitty will be able to sniff, and explore the carrier so it’s not afraid anymore. Cats want to be in control of their environments and if you help your cat claim the carrier as its own, you shouldn’t have problems with aggressive behavior. 

Pat Carriers

When you want your cat to get inside the carrier, place in it a familiar blanket or a towel with yours and your cat’s scent. This will help your cat to feel more comfortable and secure. You can also place some treats or toys in the carrier so the cat enters on its own. 

The most important thing is that the cat needs to have positive experiences with the carrier. You need to present the carrier as a warm and cozy place that's good enough to sleep in! Give your cat at least a week before the trip so it can become familiar with the space. Once the cat stops seeing the carrier as something hostile, you’ll have many fewer problems with traveling. 

I hope these insights along with your knowledge about your own cat’s behavior will help you find the best carrier for your cat. We might have exactly what you’re looking for, so don’t hesitate to check out our innovative, chic and sustainable pet carriers.
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