Top 6 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe during the Holidays

Top 6 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe during the Holidays

When thinking about sharing the holiday season family and furry friends planning for your pet’s safety should be a part of your planning. Amidst all the fun and frolics we are expecting to enjoy with our lovely furry companions it’s important to keep them safe over the festive season. Here are our top six tips for making sure your pup stays happy and healthy throughout the season.

Holiday Holly, baubles and Décor

Holiday decorations may seem like fun toys for your dog but they can cause injury especially if eaten. Glass baubles and holly can cause cuts, while small decorations, along with tinsel and garland can be swallowed and cause foreign body blockages in the intestines. Make sure you keep decorations out of your pet’s reach at all times.

 All that shines brightly

Seasonal candles are great and usually smell wonderful too but if your pet is not used to them they may become overly curious and investigate. 

This can lead to singed whiskers, burnt paws, or even fires so be sure never to leave your pet alone with an open flame.  

Electrical cords for all of your lights can evoke the same interest from your pet. Be sure to use circuit breakers and tuck cords away whenever possible to prevent mishaps. 

Holiday Feast

We all want to share a bit of the yumminess of holiday snacks with our fur friends. Be sure you are avoiding toxic foods such as onions, garlic, raisins, sultanas, dates and grapes, chocolate, and alcohol. If you want to make a special pet dinner, the ideal treat is plain, cooked turkey and some delicious crunchy vegetables! Also, mistletoe and holly berries can cause gastroenteritis, so make sure your pet doesn’t have a nibble.

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

 If you have a live tree be aware needles can get stuck in paw pads or the soft tissues of your pet's mouth. Keep your tree watered and clear away needles regularly to avoid these mishaps. You will also want to make sure your tree is anchored in a sturdy base to avoid an accidental toppling of the tree by your pet. 

When it comes to gifts, keep those tasty treat gifts out of reach, and be sure to keep a watchful eye on bows, ribbons, and other wrapping items as they may appear to be new play toys to your pet. 

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

When walking your dog in the cold weather, be careful of the cold ground on his paws. Avoid walking over frosty grass and watch out for salt grit, which can cause contact dermatitis. Wash your dog’s feet after a walk in the snow with baby wipes or a wet towel.

And Happy New Year too

Fireworks over New Year can be a source of anxiety to many cats and dogs. Make sure your pet is calm and comfortable and has a hideaway place where they feel safe in case it starts to sound scary outside. Close the curtains and turn on the TV or radio to help with distraction, but don’t fuss or comfort your pet if he is showing signs of fear – this only confirms that your pet is right to be afraid.

In conclusion

Enjoying a great holiday season with your pet is possible with a bit of forethought and planning. A daily check of your holiday items, décor, lights, and package can help alert you of a possible issue. And of course, now and throughout the year, don’t forget to give your pet lots of extra love and cuddles– after all, they deserve it!


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