Dog Training Bags

How to Choose the Best Training Treat Bag For Your Dog

If you are in the process of training your dog, then you probably already know they need rewards and motivation to stay on task, just like their devoted dog parents. Have you ever tried to train your dog with treats lining your pant pockets? It can be uncomfortable and cumbersome, to say the least.

Dog Training Bags

A perfect solution to this problem is to invest in the best dog training treat bag to suit you and your pup. In this guide, we will show you the most important criteria you should look for when searching for a dog training pouch. 


If you are going to be walking around the park for hours training your dog, why not do it in style? You can find a treat bag to suit your style. There are many different styles of treat bags, including the fanny pack, the cross-body, and the clip-on. With our stylish dog training bag, you can have the best of all three bag types. 

We included an adjustable strap that will fit around your waist if you want to wear the bag as a fanny pack, which is great for quick and easy treat access. You can also adjust the strap to wear the bag across your body, which is better if you plan to move around a lot while training. There is a clip on the backside of the bag to clip it onto a belt loop or waistband. Indeed, our Bentley Bag looks just like a stylish purse you might carry around out on the town and stands out from the utilitarian and frumpy aesthetic of other common treat bags. Although it projects luxury,“The Bentley” offers the best quality and style on the market for the price, making it an ideal gift for under $50! It is available in two colors, Pecan and Cobalt Blue, and unlike many other fashionable treat bags out there, it is eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free.


You should never sacrifice comfort if you don’t have to, especially while trying to teach your dog some new tricks. You should pick a style of the dog treat training bag and ensure it comes with plenty of comfort features. One important comfort feature is a comfortable and padded strap. You should not have to worry about the bag falling or rubbing against your skin. 

Training bag for dogs


Our comfortable dog training pouch was created using a long adjustable strap to fit any size. The strap feels comfortable and stays in place without having to adjust it constantly. You can focus more on teaching an old (or young) dog new tricks instead of worrying about your bag! 


Convenience might be the most important factor when shopping for a new treat bag. Let’s be honest, treat bags need to hold more than just treats! While your new bag should focus on a treat compartment, it should have space for other essential items as well. 

Your treat bag must have a separate compartment for treats. Since treats leave behind crumbs and often smell like bacon, I don’t think you want them mixing with other items. The excellent news is that our Bentley Training Bag has all of these key features to make your life more convenient and your time with your pooch more enjoyable!

It is organized to keep the various items separated and within easy access for the trainer and pet owner. It is organized to keep the various items separated and within easy access for the trainer and pet owner. The outside of the pouch features an elastic mesh pocket, perfect for storing a dog’s favorite ball, while on the other side is a section to easily access your pup’s poop bags. 

The training bag’s top zipper compartment is for the treats and the additional front zip compartment is ideal for storing your phone, keys, credit cards, etc. This storage area is a nice way to keep your personal items separated from dog treats and crumb-free. The Bentley also features a back clip to attach to your pocket or belt loop and an adjustable strap so that it can be worn as a fanny pack or as a purse.


Dog training can be messy and exhausting work, and your bag needs to be able to keep up. A dog treat training bag must have tough and durable outer material. Oftentimes, your training can get wet from dog slobber or water. Our eco-friendly training bag is made of recycled plastic bottles, so it can withstand everything your dog throws at it. 


It is important to consider what you will be using your training bag for. If you are a canine caretaker and plan to train more than one dog at a time, you might need a larger bag to accommodate extra treats. If you are a new doting dog parent and want to train your new pup, then you can get away with a smaller bag.  

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You may also need to consider how long you will be out training and what additional items you might need. If you will be out at the park for a long time, you might want to bring extra water and treats. This will require some additional space. 


Training your dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences for both you and your pooch. It can be even more satisfying if you use the right treat training bag. It is important to establish routine and reward, and with the right bag, the process becomes much easier. No more pocket treats for you and your dog! Check out our stylish and eco-friendly Bentley Training Bag

, which sports an innovative design and functionality for all your dog training needs!

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