Best Pet Travel Accessories for Cats and Dogs

Best Pet Travel Accessories for Cats and Dogs

Traveling with your furry friend, whether by car, train or air can become challenging. You have to keep in mind the potty stops, packing food and water, carriers and crates as well as coping with your nervous pets.  Fortunately, there are lots of pet travel accessories available to make your trip less stressful!  We’ve done some research and have aggregated a list of the best travel pet accessories for both cats and dogs. 

Must Buy Pet Travel Accessories

Pet Carrier

If you will be traveling by plane and your pet will be traveling with you in the cabin, you must have an airline approved pet carrier.  We recommend one of the pet carriers with a four spinner wheel folding Pet-Trek® trolley from A Pet with Paws.  

These carriers are very fashionable and look like a chic handbag, yet they have all the important criteria of a comfortable and safe pet carrier. The Pet-Trek® enables you to wheel your pet throughout the airport effortlessly. It’s like a pet stroller for travels! All the carriers have a mesh top, back, and gussets for ventilation and viewing. Inside on the bottom is a removable and washable fleece cushion for comfort as well as an attached leash to secure the pet from jumping out of the carrier. If you will travel by car, your pet can ride in the pet carrier if you secure it with a seat belt. This also eliminates the need for a pet car booster seat.

Dog traveling

Anxiety Reducing Pet Gear

Air travel can be very stressful for your dog. The Thundershirt, an anxiety-reducing jacket, has helped millions of dogs remain calm during stressful situations. Their patented jacket applies gentle pressure around the dog’s stomach back and midriff and creates a sense of calm for the dog.

If your cat gets nervous traveling by car, or she or he is no longer permitted to travel in the cabin of planes, we suggest you try the all-natural, cat calming treats. They are made with proteins proven to reduce stress!
Dog Food


It is important to keep your pet hydrated while traveling.  An excellent product to consider is the ANREONER Portable water bottle. This water bottle dispenses water through the foldable trough for easy drinking.

Cat drinking Dog Drinking
A foldable and collapsible pet travel bowl by Ruffwear is another convenient option. Kurgo’s spill-proof water bowl has a tapered lip and wedge design that helps reduce splashing while traveling. It also keeps kibble/water off the car floor and ensures that the bowl lays flat on the car seat!
Travel Bowl

Waste Bags and Pouches

Picking up dog poop is not glamorous, but it is essentia, given the heightened awareness and recognition of the detrimental effects of dog waste on the environment. Fortunately, all responsible pet owners understand the importance of having waste bags on hand at all times. Disposable waste bags are obviously a necessary part of dog travel accessories. A Pet with Paws® has innovated the poop bag holder by integrating a fashion-forward, eco-friendly pet pouch into the mix. These chic pouches that easily attach to a leash, pet carrier, or belt loop are a must-have dog travel accessories for rest stops and your dog’s walks.
Bags for Dogs

Protective Car Seat Covers

If you and your dog enjoy taking road trips, having a waterproof protective car seat is a life-saver. This quilted pet car seat protector has the opening for a dog seat belt, non-skid backing and is particularly unique, as it folds into its own self pouch for easy transporting and storing.
For dogs

Pet Travel Bag

A treat training bag should also be included on your checklist of necessary cat and dog travel accessories. The Bentley Treat Training Bag from A Pet with  Paws® is unlike other treat training bags in the market because of its fashionable and ergonomic appeal. And the fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles! For environmentally friendly pet owners, this sure is a huge plus. 

In addition, it's organized to keep the various items separated and within easy access for the trainer and pet owner. There are separate storage compartments for a ball, treats, waste bags, and personal belongings including keys, smartphones, money, and credit cards. The hands-free Bentley bag also features a back clip to attach to a belt loop and an adjustable strap that allows it to be worn as a fanny pack or purse. The Bentley is available in two colors - pecan and cobalt blue.
Travel Bags

First Aid Kit

A must-have part of your traveling pet gear is also a first aid kit. When you travel with a pet, you have to think of all the possibilities that could happen to your dog or cat. Therefore, you must remember to include a well-provisioned First Aid Kit so you can be ready to deal with any medical emergency that confronts you and your dog or cat during your travel adventure. If your pet gets injured on the road, you’ll be able to administer first aid until you can locate a nearby vet.  

There are many pre-assembled pet first aid kits to choose from that include an assortment of items used to remove common ticks, insect bites, and extra water. We recommend the Labra Pet First Aid Kit. This 28 piece kit has supplies to treat cuts, sprains, and other pet emergencies. It has a wide variety of pet medical supplies including scissors, tweezers, a pet brush, a pair of rubber gloves, an assortment of bandages, and antiseptic cleaning wipes.  It is compact and lightweight, which makes it the perfect addition to your dog and cat travel accessories. You will feel confident knowing you have supplies for your pet’s safety as well as the ability to treat most medical situations that might arise during your adventures while traveling with your dog.
First Aid Kit

Final Thoughts

To conclude, our goal was to highlight the best travel pet accessories that will help ensure you and your pet have an enjoyable, stressless, and hassle-free trip. Hopefully, your knowledge of dog and cat travel accessories has expanded so that now you can create your travel checklist that will prepare you for the next excursion and adventure with your best friend. Check out our collection to find more amazing products!
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