Best Pet Carrier | Is Luxury Pet Carrier a New Fashion?

Best Pet Carrier | Is Luxury Pet Carrier a New Fashion?

Luxury Carriers are some of the best carriers that you can buy today. Not only are these carriers luxurious with all the features that you can think of, they are also pretty affordable.

Now, we know that most luxury carriers aren't really that cheap but there are quite a few of them that have a very good overall quality and can be used by anyone. A pet with paws is one such brand that boasts good quality luxurious carrier available at the best prices. Today we will be taking a look at the brand and it's products. But before that let us answer an important question!

Is Luxury Pet Carrier the new fashion?

Yes, you can definitely say that Luxury Pet carriers are the new fashion. There are many people transitioning towards luxury carriers because of digitization and trends. Celebrities are promoting these carriers and their followers are influenced by it. Also, new markets in India and China is being created where people's disposable income is increasing. This makes luxury pet carriers as one of the best fashion accessories for you.

What is A pet with Paws?

A Pet with Paws is a brand that has got an impressive collection of pet carriers as well as accessories. They sell stylish and sustainable pet carriers at the most reasonable price. The brand is committed for selling good products. The styles are contemporary and the brand pushes a wide range of products in the market.

Best Pet Carriers 2020

A pet with paws has the best product range in the carrier market. There are a lot of products available at different prices. The website provides you a n impressive array of collections and each collection has it's own set of carriers that you can get for the best price.

We are compiled and reviewed some of the best luxurious carriers from a pet with paws below:

Edgar Pet Carrier


The Edgar pet carrier is one of the best carriers from A pet with paws. It is airline approved carrier that can be used in some of the major airlines around the world. The quality of the fabric is provided by denim and there is a vegan leather trim that looks premium. The whole design and aesthetic of this carrier is next level. There are two pockets in the front with a turn lock system that enables you to carry different items for your pet and even you. There is a quilted flap to keep your pet secure and the carrier also provides you the option for installing a pet trek 4 wheeler.


  • A privacy flaps that can roll back and be held in place by a Velcro fastener.
  • It consists of a mesh top for good ventilation and viewing.
  • The mesh top also makes it easy for the pet to enter and exit
  • There are comfortable PU handles
  • The fleece cushion is washable and removable
  • The back panel can be used for installing wheels for convenience.

Darien Carrier


The Darien Pet carrier can be bought in black and it has a vegan leather as the fabric. It also has an embossed bag like image and is targeted for all the genders. Yes, the carrier is unisex with a modern design. The mesh top is spacious enough for easy viewing and the pets will have no problem entering the carrier.  The back panel comes with zipper pockets and the carrier also supports Pet Trek Handles. You can purchase the product with or without Pet Trek.

What is Pet trek?
Pet trek is a wheel system that can convert a normal carrier into a wheeled one.


  • The Polyurethane fabric used in this carrier mimics leather but it is made out of recycled plastic bottles so, the carrier is environmental friendly.
  • Breathable mesh tops are available for spacious viewing.
  • The internals are very comfortable thanks to the Sherpa fleece bottom.
  • The carrier is compatible with the Pet-Trek 4 spinner wheel trolley cart.

Madison Carrier

Madison Carrier

The Madison carrier is one of the most unique pet carriers. It is a bag shaped carrier that is made out of recycled plastic bottles. When you first look at this carrier, you can get a bit confused because the exterior looks like leather. However, it is completely plastic. This makes the carrier environmental friendly. In addition, the carrier is airline approved as well. Some salient features are breathable back and extra pockets but we will discuss them later. This carrier provides a good blend of style and functionality. It can also be purchased with Pet-Trek.


  • Available in two sizes; medium and large
  • The fabric is 100% made out of plastic bottles
  • The breathable mask to the side and the top provides decent ventilation.
  • There is a double zip top and Velcro closing
  • The bottom is covered by Sherpa fleece
  • Side and Double pockets are present.
  • Shoulder Straps are completely adjustable as well.

Zuzu Pouch

zuzu pouch

The Zuzu Pouch is one of the best accessory for a pet owner. It is a small bag that is perfect for small pets. The best thing about this carrier is the design. It features a thread chain and decorative turn-lock. The zip pouch has enough room for smartphones and credit cards, in addition to your pets. There is also a separate zip pocket here where you can store additional poop bags and other pet items. 


  • Small design with dimensions; 7.5" W x 1.5" D x 4.75" H
  • A very comfortable pouch for small pets.
  • Photo printed quilt pattern makes the design aesthetic
  • Made with High quality fabric
  • Room for a lot of items such as keys, smartphones and extra pet related items such as poop bags. 
  • It comes at an affordable price. 


Pippa Denim Carrier


Pippa is one of the most versatile and most selling product in the A pet with paws' line up. It is an airline approved denim carrier that has a vegan leather trim with feel of a handbag. It comes with all the functionality og a pet carrier. The front pocket here has a turn lock system for safety. In addition to safety, the Pippa denim carrier is also pretty spacious with ample space for carrying your pets as well as accessories. There is a double zipper mesh top for ventilation and back panel offers the choice of 4 spinner wheels. Another solid part about this denim carrier is obviously the high quality denim fabric and lastly, it is an airline approved carrier. 


  • Mesh top is present in the carrier for good ventilation for the pet. With this top, you can also see the pets more clearly. 
  • The carrier is easy to use, pets can get in and out quickly. 
  • There is a comfortable PU handle present in the carrier.
  • Removable and washable Sherpa fleece cushion is also available.
  • The mesh back panel allows the inclusion of 4 spinner wheel for potability.

Bentley Training Bag

Bentley Training Bag

Sometimes you might have to train your pets to do different things. Now, when you are taking your pets out for training, you definitely have to get a carrier. Training bags or carriers are specially made for that purpose and the Bentley training bag does that job for you. It's unlike any training bag available in the market because of it's design and organized interior. The carrier is also eco-friendly with spacious compartments and quality top zippers.


  • Made from high quality recycled Polyester fabric
  • Mesh pouch present on the outside of the bag
  • Zippered compartments for easy access to accessories and items
  • A separate zippered compartment is also present here for more storage
  • The clip on the back of the bag can be attached to a belt loop
  • Adjustable straps are available if you want to wear the bag as a fanny pack.

Why A pet with paws?

A pet with paws is one of the best places for you to buy a luxury pet carrier. There are a few reasons for it. The first reason is the interface. The website has a very intuitive experience. You can easily add items to your cart and order. The website is informative as well. There are detail reviews on every single product, their rating, price, anything you'd want to know. In addition, the website is maintained every once in a while so, you will get fresh experience every time. The technical aspect is also pretty good to make your purchase safer. Apart from the website, the product themselves are worth mentioning. There are some solid products in the collection that are priced in an aggressive manner. You will receive all the benefits of good shopping experience, good product and at the best price. So, all of these things makes A pet with paws a very recommendable place to buy luxury carriers. 


To conclude, the answer to the question of luxury carriers being fashion statement is a definite yes. They are used widely these days by people who set trends therefore, they can be considered as valuable luxury items. And if you are looking to buy a luxury carrier, why not try visiting A pet with paws? After all, the product collection of A pet with paws is carefully selected and cater to all your needs! Do visit their website and see for yourself.


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