Collection: Denim

Denim Dog Training Bags, Denim Pet Carriers, & Denim Look Poop Bag Pouches

What are some of the advantages of having a denim style for your pet bag?

Denim is the most universal fabric. It cuts through all demographic barriers and ages and is worn by babies to seniors. It's safe to say denim will always be in style due to its versatile, durable, global appeal and season-less fabric.

A Pet with Paws is very excited to incorporate this iconic fabric into our new collection of pet carriers and accessories. 

A pet carrier made with denim will be durable for many years. It will also be pretty stylish for you and soft for your pets. Since denim has a universal appeal, it will never be out of fashion too. At A Pet With Paws, we have an incredible lineup of denim based products that you will most definitely adore.

  • We have the Oliver training bag with denim as it's main material which is just awesome.

  • We also have Edgar which is an airline approved denim pet carrier. It has a fully denim construction which makes it one of the best products in our lineup.

  • We also have other another airline approved denim pet carrier called Pippa, which comes in a different style from Edgar, but gives all the same benefits.

  • Lucas offers you a discreet and stylish way to carry the bags you are required to have, in order to clean up after your pet in most municipalities and is a great value.

Speaking about value, our denim products start at a mere twenty dollars.

The range goes up to around two hundred dollars.

You will get different types of denim products such as training bags, pouches and even full sized airline approved carriers.

The denim products from A Pet With Paws are 100% genuine and approved.

They are premium and stylish, pet-safe, and they come with every advantage of denim fabric.

Using denim for your pet needs, you will find them very durable in the long run.

Check out our collection and see what you like the most!